Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016


that feeling of getting bugged with so many questions about assignment that are being asked by so many people

that feeling of having to repeat the same ol' answers to the same ol' questions to the same people over and over again

help me

my mood is always ruined every time when the assignment deadlines are near.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The ignore-reply-game is so strong until I tak boleh tahan *shake my head*

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Appreciation Post

It’s my birthday today *yay*, but the point of me writing is not about how I had a blast on my birthday. This post is to tell myself that oh my god, I have actually gone through 2 decades of my life. I actually SURVIVED being a teenager! No rebelling, no stealing, no taking drugs, no addiction on alcoholic. And YES, I managed to face every challenge in my life with the help and support of my family and friends. Being 20, I am absolutely grateful and appreciative for what I have right now. It’s not all about the bling bling or the fancy things in life, it is about the people that surround me and the health and happiness that I have. I couldn’t ask for more.

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for helping me so much in life. There is one quote by Pn Sheena that is “Do your best and God will do the rest”. I will never forget this quote because I really do believe in that; I believe everything happens for a reason. You only have to work your best and God will lift you and take you to where you want to be. As I grow older, I realized that I have faced all sorts of challenges from academics to relationships and it has been a rough time for me to get over with. Just bear in mind that after God has helped you achieve what you wanted, you must remember to thank God.

Secondly, I would like to thank my family. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be right here in this world. I wouldn’t be surviving till now. In fact, after a hectic life outside the world of reality, there is always a welcoming and warming feel once you stepped into the house. I am grateful for having a family that makes jokes every time during dinner and support one another when having a tough time. Every family member is precious to me and I would like to thank them individually.

I would like to thank my dad for working his ass off just to earn a living. I know it is utterly difficult to work and fly at least once a month. And sometimes I know he just wants to hold on to the money that he saved for our future. He is one amazing dad that is willing to put down his ego as a father and do house chores- not all men are willing to do house chores including washing their own dishes or even taking the trash out. Thank you for being the best dad ever.

I would also like to thank my mum also for working her ass off just to support the whole family. She is like a superhero, working 24/7. Showering unlimited love and I can totally feel it. I really do. I know it is totally difficult for her to save a few hundred every month for us to go for a trip to overseas. I know it is her dream to take us to overseas. And I will definitely keep my promise to take all of them for a trip once I have saved an amount of money after I work. Not only that, she is the wisest in the family and she always gives the best advices. Thanks mummy for being the best supermum that I could ever ask for.

(God I was so emotional and literally sobbing away while writing this. Probably because of the songs on Lite FM that are playing with my emotions. *turn off the radio*)

I am also grateful for my brother for being the one in the family who is always trying to suit everyone just to please us. He will just do things that please us and make us happy. Sometimes he is the pain in the ass but I still love you nonetheless.

I am also grateful for my sister. She can be a spoilt brat at times but I can feel that she is one loving soul. We may fight most of the time but sometimes when we talk we can be like bffs talking to each other. Love you sis.

As for friends, well, I don’t have many close friends like others do, but I do have a small clique that I think I will spend the rest of my life with. These are the people who shaped me for who I am today.

Yan Lin
She is the one person whom I can tell anything and everything to her. We never have secrets about each other- well, at least I don’t haha. Whenever I do wrong or something I’ve done pisses her off, she will never fail to point out to me. That is what I like the most in her. I don’t like fake people who talk behind my back if I have ever offended them. I would be grateful if they can talk about it face to face, or at least Whatsapp lah. She is getting busier these days and this makes us hard to have a meet up even for a casual lunch or dinner. But oh well, studies come first. I am also grateful for having an exercise buddy like her. We can do all sorts of sports together from badminton, jogging to swimming. I always have fun spending time with her. In fact, the magical part with her is that we always have slst moment together, especially watching movies together. There ain’t a better soulmate than her that I could find in this world.

Meng Yee
She is one of the longest and closest friends I have met since high school. Most of the people don’t usually meet up as frequent as we do with Yan Lin and Jia Sheng, but we really did make the effort to meet at least once a month. I am very sure that we got closer than we were during high school, and I appreciate that. I am always so proud to tell my college friends that I still keep in touch with them and I am still close to them even after graduation. Meng Yee is also the one who appreciates us like we do, I am so pleased and happy to know that we are always her priority when compared to her college friends *blushes* Last but certainly not to be missed is, I am grateful for her for being the driver :) I know it is hard for her to side-park but I certainly do hope that she makes an effort to learn :/ heheh besides, it is not just for the sake of us, it’s for her own good too aite :D

Jia Sheng
I would like to thank him for being *hands down* the best male friend I could ever ask for. Sometimes I don’t really know what he is thinking in his head but I do think that it is something good for a reason. Seeing him improve in terms of academics and his undertakings makes me a proud friend too :) I am also thankful for him making the effort to join us even for a jog or a meal. Studying law is seriously seriously a pain in the freaking ass and I salute him for getting such good grades. Jia Sheng is also a friend who gives wise advices, too. The best moment together with him is when we jog because that is the time where we can really talk to each other, where we can really catch-up since he rarely talks about himself on Whatsapp. And Jia Sheng, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you are dear to all of us, don’t feel isolated because when you have any hardships, we will definitely be willing to help you and support you no matter what. You are not alone.

Jia Yong
She is the memory keeper and I am so grateful to have her as my close friend. She is like our big sister :) who protects us and cares for us. We do not meet up as often, but when every time we meet, we never feel awkward or anything. I really do hope that our friendship will last forever and when we are as old as 50 or 60 years old, we can do things that old people do hahahahaa

Juo Yen 
I am thankful for having Juo Yen as a close friend of mine. Even though she stays 1 hour or less away from us, she does take the effort to join us for meet ups. But sometimes we feel kinda bad for not inviting her for short meet ups :/ Other than that, I can also feel that she is getting more comfortable with me compared to the days during high school. Her inner devil is revealing which makes it so cute of her haha and that is why there ain’t nobody like us who know the fun side of Juo Yen.

Amanda and Wen Xin
Well I put them together because we usually meet up for like once or twice in a year? Probably five max. Our friendship is not as close as the others but I know that they will always have a special place in my heart.

Yoong Kia
This is kinda weird writing about him, but he is one of those people that I have been meeting for the past year. I am grateful that we can still meet up and jog together with YL, JS, Jason, and sometimes MY. Spending time with them is always oh-so-relaxing. I would also like to thank YK for taking the effort to help me ask if there is any vacancy in his company. I know it is quite a fuss to ask because Amway is quite a big company. Every department is sorta not collateral with each other and so he had to ask different departments. So I thank him for his effort

When we were friends for the first semester, I didn’t quite like her attitude, to be frank. Plus, the feeling of having to be separated from my high school besties is the worst feeling ever. No one can ever replace them. After I took some time to know her, she is actually okay. More okay to be exact. She is like the closest friend to me in college. I am grateful to have met her in college.

Suat Yuh
I have to sincerely thank her for showing me that friends do betray one another. Not everyone is sincere to you. Right when reality slaps you right in the face, you have got to wake up and face the reality. This has taught me to choose friends wisely, otherwise stay away from all the negativity that your friends have given you. Just think of this way, YOU will not bring YOURSELF down onto that person’s level. Just treat it like nothing happens, and it will all go smoothly. Time will heal everything. And karma’s a btch.

Yat Kuan
She is the longest friend I have met and I am so thankful for that. We met since standard 3 or 4 (yeahhhhh friends for 10 years) and she was one of my best friends in primary school. After graduating from primary school, we lost contact with each other, but that is not over yet, we met again in INTI and we were also doing the same course too! Fortunately, we got to be in the same class for the final year and we also get to be group members for a few group assignments. It was so good meeting her again because we get to talk about our past. She is like the only old friend I know in INTI and not to mention she is also one of the few friends in primary who still remember me.

I was seriously getting so so emotional when I was writing the first quarter of it and I thought it was the songs that affect me. And so I turned off the radio and it really does affect me haha. My mind was totally clear after that when I write the rest of it.

Just recently, reality struck me real hard. Nothing in life comes easy; not everything goes smoothly in your life and you will not get everything you want in life. If you really can’t get the things you want, don’t worry mate, there is always a better plan for you; you will just have to wait patiently. Don’t give up. Peace *V*

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Le 19th Birthday

Hi world, I can't believe that I'm here to blog again. Well actually the purpose of me blogging now is for me to remember how amazing my birthday was. This was, hands down, thee best birthday I have ever had.

Since my dad has this weekly badminton going on every Wednesday, and he wont be having dinner with us on my birthday, which falls on Wednesday too, so we decided to have a pre-celebration at Coliseum on Sunday night. At first, when we were standing at the entrance, we already knew that we had to wait for a very long time for a table because it was jam packed in the restaurant and two families are waiting before us. We were told to wait for at least 20 minutes. Later on, the two families didn't want to wait, so we get to go in without waiting for 20 minutes. Then the waitress take us to our table and I think there was a miscommunication between my mum and the waitress because she thought we asked for a table for four but not five. So she took us to another table, and we all followed her. Then we were a bit shocked lah of course because she took us to a VIP room, and then she explained to my dad that she was the tenant of my dad's second house so she gave this 'credit' to him, and my dad didn't even know that she was his tenant. So yeah, we were lucky to have dined in a VIP room.

Then on Wednesday, I woke up having a gastric and that sucks. I woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual and I knew that it was time for me to get ready for college. So i dragged my feet to the toilet with my phone in my hand of course, and I begin to scroll my Whatsapp and text messages. Messages from my friends filled my heart with lots of love. Apparently some of them called me at 12 in the midnight, but I was too tired the night before because I woke up early in the morning for college, so I fell asleep at 11 something. To be honest, I've already felt a bit sad because I can't be with the CPYs on my birthday, but they're like putting salt on my wound, most of them were like apologizing that they can't be with me on my birthday (which I actually think birthday is not really a big deal for me, but the thing is they kept reminding me about it, and deep down in my heart, I was feeling a little bit sad). So yeah, life must go on. So I went to college as normal.

At lunch time, my friends and I decided to go to Burger Factory to celebrate my birthday (tbh, the food there sucks. never wanna go there ever again). My college friends surprised me with a photo album. The photo album was very special because it contains not only photos of us since sem 1, but also messages from friends I know and I don't know (friends whom I don't know spelled my name wrongly from Crystal to Krystle). I was touched for a second because I knew that they took a very long time and also put a lot of effort on this album. They have also bought me a piece of crepe cake (i'm not sure with the name) and I didn't want them to sing Happy Birthday, because I was too shy haha... Then during lunch, Jelene decided to memalukan me by sharing the photos I took during high school in my college group (well actually I wasn't embarrassed of my past haha, but my friend thought it was haha because of the way I acted and looked). After that, as usual, we took a few group photos.

Later that afternoon, I came back home with a gift on my bed. It was from my parents. I was surprised of course because I didn't expect them to buy another gift for me. (I already got what I wanted for my birthday)  It was a sleeveless shirt that I wanted but I didn't buy. My mum knew I wanted so she went 1u right after her work and bought it. They weren't at home when i was home, and when they were home with my brother and sister, my brother and sister each came back with a rose haha.. 

In the evening, my mum asked me to send my brother back from tuition. and so i did and i took the wrong way to his tuition centre because the traffic was hell. Then, when we got back home, my mum bought Mcds and then I took a few fries and stuff them into my mouth. Just when I was about to stuff another one into my mouth, someone came out from the kitchen, singing birthday song. I was literally stoned for a while.. It was Yan Lin, Jia Sheng, and Juo Yen! Yan Lin was holding a cake and they all sang another round of birthday song. I really never expect them to come to my house and surprise me, not to mention with the help of my whole family. After that, Jia Yong and her brother and another friend of his came. 

Jia Sheng asked me to open this envelope and I opened it; it was printed Polaroid photos of us since high school and I've always wanted them for centuries! Thanks guys! 

I even bought a board for myself a few months ago and wanted to DIY myself haha and now they have gifted me these Polaroid photos, I can finally put them on my board! 

Unfortunately, they can only be there for less than half an hour, so we used that time to take pictures of course, to capture the moments that are soon to be historical when we are older. 


I'm truly grateful for everything that my family and friends have done for me. Maybe that sounds ordinary for you, but it wasn't for me. It was the best birthday I have ever had. 

Thanks for the memories :'D

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye! I'll miss you!

*this is not a suicidal post

hey 2011, i just want to say,
should all acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to minddd!!!~~

i really dont know how to start but the year 2011 has come to an end and i have no regrets on anything..
i have my friends and family to spend time with, and i am satisfied with that.
memories that i had this year will never be forgotten and will last forever and ever..
i've done something i've never did before, i've been to places that i've never been to, and i've eaten food that i haven't tried it before.

My first time:
-getting involved in a class drama
-to pulau perhentian
-to penang hills
-carrying a freakishly big  and long yellow snake around my neck (that was so freaking scary)
-HAD the best char kuey teow in PENANG!
-joining one of the biggest event of the year- CITRAWARNA 2011
-watching 4D in USS of course
-riding roller coasters without being forced :s
-had the best steamboat  that i've ever tasted
-went to yan lin's house for swimming
-went christmas shopping with them girls

of course there's more first time i had this year..
but unfortunately i forgot..

as for my resolutions of the year 2012, it will be:
-study hard to conquer SPM
-learn how to drive a car
-help my mum to do more chores
-try to think of a stupid career for my future
-make new friends?
-drink lots of water
-eat more healthy food
-shit more

to tell you the truth, this was the best year of my life.
i get to spend time with my friends and family.
we laugh when we find something funny,
we cry together when we are devastated, disappointed, sad, stressed out.
we study together in pwtc for the first time and we were worried of our results because of citrawarna..
we fight together, quarrel together, cry together..
we did everything together.
AND we will do the same things together forever and ever.
and when we're older and have kids, we shall have a gathering once a month with our kids :')
and well, to me, when i want to recall my memories,
i have facebook.. facebook reminds me of everything i've been through.
so whenever i look through the pictures, memories flooded my mind.
it was like what they say, pictures bring back memories..


i hope 2012 will be a good year for all of us

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tetris Fevahh!

 i know it isn't good for you guys lah..